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Portrait of Thorsten Indra
Thorsten Indra

About Thorsten Indra
The facts

With 20+ years of experience Thorsten Indra has earned a solid reputation for high-quality images, draws from a broad set of skills and is capable of covering a wide range of subjects as a professional photographer.

What started out with water shots of the pro windsurfers in the waves of Maui/ Hawaii, quickly became a passion - and profession. Action sports, whether in the oceans or the mountains, the athletes and their lifestyle - the fascinating images of this German photographer speak many languages. Versatility is key and travel a means to an end.

Thorsten loves to creatively explore unusual scenes and capture unique and special moments. Cameras mounted to a windsurfer, mountain bike or kites. Remote firing, wireless flash, waterhousings, technical and creative challenges.
What matters most to him are great images - independent of the task at hand. Open-minded and curious, able to fit in a team, easy going, flexible - yet focused on getting the job done. That's his basis for successfully working with diverse people and clients.

After shooting a lot in Hawaii for a number of years, Thorsten is now based out of Germany again, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their four young children. He is used to working internationally, speaks English fluently, and travels from Frankfurt for photo productions to locations around the globe.

Portrait of Thorsten Indra
Thorsten Indra

What moves him, characterizes him and his work

Professionalism has to do with passion.
There is no job Thorsten would rather do than photography. Traveling, sports in the great outdoors, working with people, observing, experiencing special and unusual moments - photography has so many facets, is always a challenge, is very complex and free. The possibilities are endless and the quest for ever better images carries him forward. This profession has built-in potential for progress and new creations - what more would you want?

Photography is about "capturing the essence".
Sport, people, lifestyle, countries, travel, events. Seeing and capturing the spirit. Being right where the action is. Reacting fast. Thinking in advance, showing initiative. Being there. Climaxes. Extremes. Freezing the moments. Bringing dynamic to images. At the heartbeat of the times. Beauty, humor, moods. Working with and using available light. Making the best of difficult situations. Come wind and weather, heat or cold - no matter if it's humid, dry, wet or dusty. In big waves, from a moving car, on skis, leaning out of a helicopter, from the roof of a rocking boat, strapped in a climbing harness or making use of remote control - no matter if telephoto or wide-angle: He's always after great images.

Quality is priority.
Images must have style - and yet there should be diversity and variety in the palette of the photographer. Not only the content of a picture counts, but also how well it is carried out. It is important to be reliable, easy to get along with, flexible, open-minded and honest; to possess integrity, to be levelheaded, to work calmly and efficiently.
All of this sums up the claim to quality, the aspirations and the reputation of Thorsten Indra Photography, coupled with a solid knowledge of digital photography and the workflows.

Traveling enlarges one's horizon.
Have you ever eaten iguana eggs, or mezze? Drank kava with a tribal chief? Ever been greeted with a flower lei and paid the local motorcycle drivers license with triangular coins? These are situations which are not foreign to Thorsten Indra on his travels for photo productions.
Maui/ Hawaii, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde, the Caribbean, Lebanon, Turkey, USA, Romania, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Australia, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Alaska, Brazil, Mauritius, as well as numerous European countries are just some of the destinations he has visited on his trips.


How it all started.
Travel, outdoor sports and an active lifestyle have always played a major role for Thorsten Indra. Be that rock climbing, skiing, windsurfing, sailing, biking, tennis, swimming or horse riding - the interplay of sport and nature have fascinated him from his youth on. This background is essentially helpful when it comes to taking photos in the fields he is active in - having experienced extreme situations himself allows him to understand the athletes and anticipate their actions.
After finishing school and some time at university, in 1986 the then avid windsurfer traveled to Hawaii for the first time. A couple of years later, using self-made waterhousings, he shot windsurfing action images in Hookipa/ Maui. Publications in international magazines soon followed and motivated him to pursue photography as his calling.